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Our online course on Hermeticism is designed to help you unlock the secrets of this ancient and powerful tradition. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, our course offers a comprehensive and practical guide to Hermetic philosophy and its applications in daily life.

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  • A structured and easy-to-follow curriculum: Our course is organized into clear and concise modules that guide you through the fundamental teachings of Hermeticism.
  • Practical exercises and techniques: Our course includes a range of practical exercises and techniques that you can apply to your daily life, including meditation, visualization, and journaling.
  • Accessible and flexible learning: Our course is delivered entirely online, so you can study at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.
  • Transformational growth: By learning the secrets of Hermetic philosophy and practice, you’ll be able to transform your life in profound and meaningful ways, developing greater clarity, wisdom, and purpose.
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The Way of Hermes

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  • Practical and not solely based on theory.
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced students alike.
  • Based on the authentic tradition and texts.
  • Always available – even on the go!
  • 14-day money back guarantee–no questions asked.

Start on the Way of Hermes today

Through our online course on Hermeticism, you’ll gain a deep understanding of this ancient and powerful tradition, and learn how to apply its philosophy to transform your life. Our authentic theory, practical exercises, and accessible learning platform make this course an invaluable resource for anyone looking to unlock the secrets of Hermeticism and achieve profound personal growth.

Common Questions

8 reasons to start this online course:

  1. Based on ancient and authentic tradition and texts
  2. Practical, and not solely based on theory
  3. Friendly for all levels of education – casual or academic learning, the choice is yours
  4. Suitable for beginners and advanced students alike
  5. Always available – even on the go!
  6. Available on smartphones and tablet
  7. Pay easily and securely with PayPal
  8. Not satisfied? Easily refund within 14 days for your full money back

Yes, this course is also suitable for beginners. You are not expected to know much about Hermes and Hermeticism. Each topic is covered in detail and the exercises can be done by anyone.

No, if you don’t like reading, this course is unfortunately not for you. In this online course, you study a lot of texts and therefore you have to read a lot.

No, a book is not necessary as we will quote all hermetic texts that are used in the course. But these are often just the relevant passages. We, therefore, recommend that you buy the Corpus Hermeticum, for example, the book The Way of Hermes by Clement Salaman, or have another version of the Corpus Hermeticum in your possession so that you can use it with the course.

Yes and no. After this course, you will know a lot of the current theory and you will have received exercises to practically apply Hermeticism in your life.

But the two final stages of the Way of Hermes, namely the Rebirth and the ascension to the Eighth and Ninth spheres, are not dealt with in a practical manner in this online course. That is also not possible, because for these rituals you have to find a living hermetic master who can guide you in this. So, the online course will not make you divine.

Start on the Way of Hermes today

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