About us

Hermetic spirituality, or the Way of Hermes, is a joyful path that celebrates life and light. Its purpose is to heal the soul from negativity, free it from such powerful influences as fear and aggression, and open its eyes to the beauty of existence. It is not concerned with domination or orthodoxy, but with knowledge and understanding – or, more precisely, with knowledge as understanding.

We, therefore, hope that this online course on the Way of Hermes will not only educate you about this powerful spiritual tradition but also make you happier. And not only you, but also your family, friends, fellow human beings, the animals, the environment, and even our planet.

Wisdom in a new way

Fortunately, the ancient wisdom of Hermes Trismegistus has not completely disappeared. This wisdom is waiting to be discovered. It is waiting for you to integrate into your life to become a fuller human being. The ancient authentic hermetic spirituality requires contemplation, reflection, practice, and repetition.

A great miracle

I have finally understood, I think, why man is the happiest being, and therefore worthy of all admiration, and also what, after all, is the position he has obtained by fate in the order of the universe — enviable not only for the animals but for the stars, for the supernatural spirits. It sounds incredible and amazing. How could it not? For for this also one can rightly think and proclaim that man is a great wonder, a truly admirable being.
Pico della Mirandola

Master Hermes

Master Hermes

The Way of Hermes is never about the teacher. In history, many teachers remained anonymous to avoid being placed on a pedestal. Hermetic masters in the past used the name “Hermes”, the name of their divine teacher, to stay anonymous. We continue that tradition.

It is about you and your path to greater awareness. That is why in our online course, instead of a “real” teacher, you will find our mascot Master Hermes who gives you tips and advice.

Not a teacher, but a founder

The founder and one of the admins of this website is online known as Sigismundo Celine. In 1999 he was initiated into a Masonic lodge in Amsterdam. In his more than 20 years as a Freemason, he has received, besides the rank of Master-Mason, also the rank of Rosicrucian Mason, Mark Master Mason, and the 32nd degree in the Scottish Rite.

Since his teenage years, he has been intensively engaged in the study and practice of esotericism and mysticism. In addition to Freemasonry, he has a great love for, and experience with, Sufism and Hermeticism. Under the guidance of a Dutch Sufi teacher, he studied Jalaluddin Rumi’s masterpiece the Masnavi.

In addition to this website, he is also the admin of The Sufi Tavern (sufi-tavern.com). His aim with both websites is to make mysticism and esotericism in general and Sufism and Hermeticism, in particular, more practical and better accessible to a large audience.

The Co-Creator

The co-creator and fellow admin of this site is named, simply, Patches. Patches has been interested in and studying religion, philosophy, and esotericism for most of his life; studying mostly in small informal groups or by himself. Patches started with interests in Christianity and Greek mythology and the classic philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato, and the stories of Homer at a young age. From there, his interests grew, mainly, to Gnosticism, Hermeticism, and Sufism.

In 2017, Patches started to take a critical and academic approach to the study of these texts, especially the classical Hermetica. Patches is, first and foremost, a practitioner of the Way of Hermes. Secondly, he is a novice Sufi student. And thirdly, he enjoys and entertains some gnostic ideas.

A huge part of Patches’ motivation to teach and create this course is his desire to be like our Hermetic brother, the Craftsman, and to help the Hermetic community and all else interested to learn what Hermeticism really is and to provide not only a stepping stone to the fundamentals but also from the fundamentals to a bit more advance understanding of Hermeticism.

Patches is a sound engineer by profession and graduated with a B.A. in Music Industry and Technology from a University in California which boasts one of the top 5 music programs on the West Coast of the U.S.A.

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