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"Therefore don't be carried down by the great flood, but make use of the tide. Let those of you who can find the safe harbour bring your ship in, and seek one who will lead you by the hand to the gates of the knowledge in your heart. There is the bright light, clear of darkness, where no one gets drunk, but all are sober, looking with the heart to Him who wills to be seen." - Corpus Hermeticum Book VII

Dear Seekers of ancient Hermetic wisdom,

We are delighted to extend our warmest greetings and open the doors to our brand-new forum dedicated to the study and practice of Hermeticism! Step into a realm where the esoteric and the practical converge, where ancient teachings and modern insights intertwine to unlock the secrets of the universe.

Within this hallowed space, we invite scholars, practitioners, and enthusiasts alike to delve into the depths of this sacred path. Whether you are a seasoned initiate, a curious wanderer, or simply someone seeking solace in the arms of ancient knowledge, our forum is designed to nurture a vibrant community of like-minded individuals eager to share their insights, experiences, and questions. Here, you will find a sanctuary where the study of Hermeticism flourishes, fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect, growth, and collaboration.

Immerse yourself in lively discussions on the teachings of the Corpus Hermeticum, the Asclepius, the Stobeaus Fragments, and other foundational texts that shed light on the principles of this mystical tradition. Or engage with fellow seekers as you maybe want to explore the symbolism of the Tarot, the practice of alchemy, astrology, divination, and the art of spiritual transformation in the Miscellaneous Forum.

No matter your level of expertise, this forum is designed to cater to a diverse range of interests and inquiries. Feel free to ask questions, seek guidance, and share your personal experiences. Together, let us breathe life into the age-old wisdom of Hermeticism, weaving together the threads of past and present to revitalize the Way of Hermes in a vibrant modern spiritual path.

As you embark with us on this sacred journey, remember that the path of Hermeticism is not merely an intellectual pursuit, but a transformational one that calls for personal introspection and experiential engagement. Let the wisdom of Hermes Trismegistus be your guiding light as you traverse the realms of the mind, soul, and the cosmos.

So, dear friends, we extend our heartfelt welcome to this "safe harbour", where sober seekers of Hermetic wisdom unite. May your journey be filled with profound insights, spiritual growth, and the joy of connecting with kindred souls.

With warm regards,
The Way of Hermes admins

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Thank you for this Light Haven