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Walking the Way of Hermes can be done alone. But as the wise saying goes, if you walk alone, maybe you will walk quickly but if you walk with others you certainly will walk far.

There are some great online communities where you can engage with other people interested in Hermeticism, either in theory or practice.

Way of Hermes Reddit

The subreddit: r/WayOfHermes is dedicated to the discussion of the online course here at WayOfHermes.com but any talk of general Hermeticism is allowed! In r/WayOfHermes you can access customer support from the creators of the course, ask questions about course content, engage in discourse with fellow students, read reviews or leave a review of the course, get up-to-date coupon codes, or just engage in general talk about Hermeticism, and much much more. We can’t wait to see you over at r/WayOfHermes!

Hermeticism Reddit

The goal of /r/Hermeticism is to be a place to discuss Classical Hermetic texts and their meanings. This subreddit is not for pseudo-Hermetic, Christian Hermetic, Kybalion-related, or Hermetic Kabbalistic content. This subreddit will support academic and advanced study of Classical Hermeticism, while still being open for beginners or entry-level questions.

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