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Rule 0: The mission statement of this forum is "Keep the forums friendly and welcoming to as wide a range of people as possible." This principle guides all moderation. To the extent that the letter of the rules conflicts with the mission statement, the mission statement takes priority. The moderators may engage in moderation when necessary that is not based on the text of the following rules in order to keep the forums friendly and welcoming. Adherence to the letter of the following rules or “being right” is no excuse if your participation is destructive.

Rule 1: Don’t break the peace of the forum or otherwise sabotage the forum/its mission as stated in Rule 0. Some examples: Trolling, personal attacking or group attacking other users, revenge fantasies, ‘Just Asking Questions’/’JAQing off’ or threatening legal action against the forum or other posters. The onus is on the poster to be clear.
Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or ableist posts will not be tolerated.​
Support of Gamergate, racial supremacist groups, the redpill/incel movement, or any other hate group is a direct challenge to the lives and well-being of our other users and will result in a permanent ban.​
If you see a post that is a problem, report it instead of responding to it. The Report function should not be used to complain about official mod actions; use the admin email. The Report function is in the lower-left part of the post, looks like the word Report, and it will send an alert to the moderation staff.​
When reporting a post, please say why it's a problem ("Attack on Canadian carpenters") and give any necessary context ("Bob Wizardpants has been insinuating that all carpenters are reptoids earlier in the thread.") and/or quote the post itself, so that a mod who hasn't been following the thread can understand what's going on.​

Rule 2: Your posts should contribute to appropriate discussion. Post in the appropriate forum. Do not make posts empty of content; particularly, the Original Post (OP) of each thread should include some basis for discussion. Do not post or link to pornography or any form of inappropriately explicit sexual content.

Rule 3: Do not post anything illegal under U.S. law, or encourage others to break U.S. laws or the laws of their country of residence. Our board values the time, energy, and skill of the people who create books, websites and other media we love and we believe they should be compensated. Do not advocate for piracy or provide links to pirated materials.

Rule 4: Respect the privacy of your fellow forum members. Do not post emails or private messages without explicit written permission of all those involved. Do not use any posts or part of posts from these forums for commercial purposes without the express permission of each person involved. “Doxxing” anyone is cause for an immediate permanent ban.

Rule 5: Do not share your account with anyone, as you will be held responsible for all posts made by your account. Sockpuppets (the same person having multiple accounts) are allowed with moderator permission. If you have been banned, you are not allowed to make a new account - use the appeal process instead. Making a sockpuppet to evade a ban is grounds for an immediate permanent ban, and appeals are usually not granted in such cases.

Rule 6: Do not ask for medical, legal or other professional advice. Do not offer medical, legal, or other professional advice. Do not request emergency crisis counseling or solicit personal financial donations. If you're not sure if what you'd be asking counts, ask yourself "If the advice here is bad, is someone going to be harmed?"

Values/Rules & Off-Site Conduct: We draw a distinction between our site’s values and rules. We infract based on rules violations if they occur on our site. However, values matter regardless of where the conduct occurs, and social media now makes drawing distinct lines between identities across multiple online platforms impractical. If you are an alt-right racist, self-identified incel, white supremacist, Nazi, sexual predator, stalker, doxxer, or otherwise demonstrate offsite that you hold values incompatible with the Way of Hermes community, and we can identify you to a reasonable degree of certainty, we will ban you from as based on the fact that you posting to wayofhermes.comis a violation of our values.

TL;DR: We don’t police off-site rules violations, but we will ban people over unbridgeable divides in values as demonstrated by off-site conduct.