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How does your daily practice look like?

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Maybe it is interesting to share our (daily) hermetic practices here.

Mine look like this:
In the morning facing sunrise I perform the Holy Trisagion (CH I) and the Prayer of Thanksgiving (AH).
In the evening, facing sunset I perform the same two prayers.

In the AH it says that at sunset we should not face West but South. That is probably because the West was seen in Ancient Egypt as facing Death, but because I am no Egyptian and have a different outlook where Death "resides" I face the real sunset.

Also, every morning I give thanks, reverence and adoration (not worship) to Hermes (as my guide) through a statue of Thoth. 

So, that is my routine, what is yours and why?

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Good question! We share both prayers in common. I try to pray, meditate, and read from the Hermetica once a day.


My prayer session involves me kneeling and usually starts with The Prayer of Thanksgiving (Meyer translation, NHC) then I move to the prayer found in Corpus Hermeticum book I, 31-32 (Salaman). Is that the “Holy Trisagion”?
And from there I finish my recitation with the “Secret Hymn” that’s starts on CH XIII, 17.

Then I take a moment to pray and give thanks before meditating. Recitation and prayer takes about 10-15 minutes.


I practice mindful meditation, so my goal isn’t to go blank or block my thoughts out, but instead I take time to think about my thoughts and why I may be thinking them. This helps me relax to a point where I sometimes just sit in silence and focus on my breathing and sometime I get some revelation on a text I had previously read, or lesson I learned, or just simply feel nearer to God and euphoric. Meditation can be anywhere from 15 mins to 1 hour or so. 


Simple, I read a chapter from the Hermetica. I try to just read one and really take my time using different translations at once and analyzing it from many angles.

Life gets busy and sometime I miss a day or maybe more than a few days and I just stay mindful of this and pick back up on my practices ASAP.