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Course finished, comments and review

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After three months I finished covering all the lectures and information in the course. I loved It. 

Most of the practice's that are proposed there, I have already engaged in to, and maybe that is why I covered in such a short time, it really requires time, specially to observe and do the homework. 

I have wrote a 2 part review of my experience with the course, the first its a "personal biography" to contextualize on my validity and experience of your work, and why I see the value of what you have created, and the second part is a full commentary and direct recommendation of this course on my social media. 

I don't have that many reach on the net, but i will always talk about this experience, and my recommendation will live forever. 

Here are the links both parts on my social media platforms: 

Part 1 "My Hermetic Path"

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Part 2 Course Review "The Way Of Hermes"

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Your course recommendation on my Linktree

Siriusaor Linktree 

I hope to keep this space for more growth, and i hope this serves as an impulse for more people to come. 


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Dear SiriusAor, brother and fellow traveller on the Way,

Thank you very much for your beautiful review and that you have shared it with your network!

We need word of mouth to reach interested people. Like you, many people start on the Way alone and think nobody else is walking the path. By sharing our knowledge and also reviews like yours, people will see that many, many people are walking together with them.

With enthusiastic, knowledgeable people like you, it is clear that the Way of Hermes, the Way of Life, has a healthy future.

Hopefully, now that you have finished the course you will still on occasion visit this little online hermetic lodge on your hermetic travels.