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"Your heart is the seat of the faculty of understanding and intelligence. Your heart is the seat of Nous." The Way Of Hermes

Just to say, I love this. This drops out the study text virtue to the feeling Virtue of Reality Itself. This for me has been a Key aspect of my studies and my teachings. Th Knowledge of The Heart is that direct Knowledge that Gnosis stablish in one self to Manifest the Nous in our consciousness. 

I if you allow me, want to use this very phrase in my review of your course. 

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It is from Book IV.11:

Everything that comes into being is imperfect and undetermined; it may be increased and diminished, but no such thing happens to the perfect. And what can grow, grows by virtue of the One, but is overpowered by its own weakness, no longer able to give way to the One. This is the image of God, O Tat, that has been drawn for you, as far as it can be. If you observe it clearly and reflect upon it with the eyes of the heart, believe me, my son, you will find the way to higher things. In fact the image itself will guide you. For sight of the image has a special quality of its own. It dwells in those who have already seen it and draws them upward, just as they say a magnet draws up iron.

And of course you can use it in your review 😀 

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@sirius-aor From CH VII, 1. “Stop and sober yourselves up! Look up with the eyes of the heart - if not all of you, at least those of you who have the power.” ❤️ When we are ready, or able, to sober ourselves form the material world our hearts want to look upon, and know, God.