The Corpus Hermeticum
The Way of Hermes

The Most Important Characters in the Corpus Hermeticum

In Hermeticism, in addition to Hermes Trismegustus, there are several other characters. Some may be known, such as the goddess Isis and her son Horus in the hermetic work Kore Kosmou, but other characters, such as Tat, Hammon, Ammon, Agathos Daimon and Asclepius, are less well known.

It is good for the understanding of the texts to know who these characters are, and especially to know who is a student and who is a teacher.

According to various legends, the prophet Moses was also a disciple of Hermes (see image above). Moses, however, does not return as a disciple of Hermes in the authentic Hermetic writings. Moses is therefore not discussed in this chapter.

In this chapter we will disuss the most important characters in the Corpus Hermeticum and what you can learn from them.