DH 8.4 with Missing Footnote [109] Included

**– Footnote (109) is omitted in Mahés translation so I placed [109**] into DH 8.4 where it seems the most appropriate.

4. The body increases and reaches perfection (104) due to nature; and soul fills up with Nous. (105) Every man has a body and a soul, but not every soul has Nous. (106) Consequently there are two types of Nous: the one is divine (107) and the other belongs to soul. Nevertheless there are certain men who do not have even that of soul. (108) Whoever understands the body, also understands soul; whoever understands soul, also understands Nous, [109**: CH 12.2: “Now wherever there is soul, there also is Nous; likewise, wherever there is life, there also is soul However, in irrational creatures the soul is life devoid of Nous. Nous is the benefactor for human souls, for it moves them to the Supreme Good. In irrational creatures it works in the nature of each, whereas in men’s souls it counteracts that nature. For every soul on being born in a body is immediately corrupted by both pain and pleasure. Since the body is composed of different parts, both pleasure and pain seethe within it like juices in a stew, and the soul, when it enters into these, is drowned. “ -Salaman] because the admirable is a natural object of contemplation: each of the two is seen by means of the other.

Use this link to read the whole Definitions of Hermēs Trismegistus to Asclepius 8 (DH 8)

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