5 easy prayers to start practicing Hermetic philosophy

The Way of Hermes, also known as Hermeticism or Hermetic Philosophy, is a spiritual tradition that originated in ancient Egypt and was later embraced by the Greeks. It involves the study and practice of alchemy, astrology, and theurgy, and is based on the principles of spiritual growth and self-transformation.

The Hermetic path is centered on the belief that there is a divine connection within each of us that can be awakened through spiritual practices and disciplines. These practices may include meditation, the study of sacred texts, and the exploration of the elements and their symbolism. The ultimate goal of the Hermetic path is to achieve self-awareness and connection with the divine.

Hermetic Prayers

A hermetic prayer is a prayer that is rooted in the principles of the Hermetic tradition, which emphasizes the unity of all things and the interconnectedness of the physical and spiritual worlds. Hermetic prayers often focus on themes of unity, interconnectedness, and the divine nature of all things. They may be used as a means of seeking guidance, insight, or spiritual transformation.

Hermetic prayers can take many different forms, and there is no one “correct” way to pray in the Hermetic tradition. Some people may choose to recite one of the traditional hermetic prayers that can be found in the Corpus Hermeticum and the Asclepius, while others may choose to create their own prayer or meditation that is based on the principles of the Hermetic tradition.

5 Examples

Here are 5 examples of hermetic prayers that are easy to remember and do:

I am the center of the universe, and all things are connected to me. I am one with the divine, and the divine is within me. I am a part of the great cosmic whole, and all things are a part of me. I give thanks for the gift of life, and I ask for guidance and understanding as I navigate my spiritual journey. May I always be guided by the light of the divine and may my heart be open to the wisdom of the universe. Amen.

Great Architect of the Universe, guide me in the path of wisdom and knowledge. Let your light shine upon me and reveal to me the secrets of the ages. May your will be done, and may I be an instrument of your divine plan.

Merciful Father, guide me in the ways of your herald Hermes Trismegistus. May your grace reveal to me the secrets of the elements and the mysteries of the cosmos. Help me to purify my soul and to perfect my being.”

Divine Creator, I call upon your power to manifest your will in my life. May the principles of hermeticism guide me towards self-discovery and enlightenment. Let me hear the inner voice of my higher self, and manifest it in my everyday life.

Divine intelligence, I call upon the divine powers to cleanse my mind and body. Let the divine light guide me towards the attainment of wisdom, understanding, and balance in my being. Let the cosmic power within me be awaken and let me achieve inner peace and cosmic harmony.”

Prewritten prayers like the ones above are great to start out with, for inspiration and to get accustomed to their flow and energy. But in many mystical traditions prayers straight from the heart trump the prewritten ones. And sometimes a silent prayer is even better, as the Divine probably already knows what is in your heart.

If you have another good prayer for people who want to start on the Way of Hermes, please leave a reply below.

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Interested in the Way of Hermes? Start today

Learn the ancient Way of Hermes in our online course. The Way of Hermes, also called Hermeticism, celebrates life and light. The purpose of this joyful spiritual path is to heal the soul from negativity, to free it from negative influences such as fear and aggression, and to open our eyes to the beauty of existence. This path is not concerned with domination, hierarchy, or orthodoxy but with the beauty of knowledge and understanding.

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