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How Our Online Course Addresses Dr. David Litwa´s 16 Principles of Hermetic Spirituality

The mystical and philosophical tradition of Hermeticism holds a unique perspective on spirituality and the human experience. The 16 principles of Hermetic spirituality that Dr. M. David Litwa extracted from the hermetic texts provide a deep and profound understanding of the relationship between the divine and the human.

In this article, we will explore how our online course The Way Of Hermes addresses each of these principles, guiding individuals on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

1. Beyond Religions

Hermeticism emphasizes that all religions are insufficient, pointing to a Source above conventional deities. Our online course delves into the concept of transcending religious boundaries, encouraging individuals to seek a deeper, personal connection with the divine.

2. Describing the Ineffable

God, or The Source, is described in the hermetic texts, especially the first tractate in the Corpus Hermeticum, as “Light and Life”. Through our online course, participants learn to contemplate and meditate on these abstract concepts, gaining insights into their spiritual nature.

3. Humanity as Divine

Hermeticism sees humanity as the divine child of the Source. The course helps individuals recognize their inner divinity, transcending matter and gender, and understanding their immortal nature.

4. Attaining Deathlessness

Gnosis, or knowing one’s true nature, is the key to realizing deathlessness. Our course guides students in self-discovery and the pursuit of inner knowledge.

5. Nature as Divine

The world and nature are considered a “second God”, illustrating the interconnectedness of all things. Students learn to appreciate and respect the natural world’s inherent divinity.

6. Science and Spirituality

Hermeticism acknowledges the relationship between rational knowledge, science, and spirituality. The online course explores how these two seemingly different realms complement and enhance each other.

7. The Role of Sexuality

Hermetic teachings emphasize that sex and sexuality are good, as they play a part in the human experience. The course addresses helps participants to embrace their physical nature in a healthy and balanced way.

8. The Mortal Body

Hermeticism acknowledges the goodness of the mortal body but highlights the inner challenges that obscure our essence. The online course guides students in achieving a balance between body and spirit.

9. External Forces

The influence of external forces such as decanic and daimonic, zodiacal energies, and planetary powers on human freedom is explored in our hermetic course.

10. Activation of Nous

Hermeticism teaches that all individuals possess a higher consciousness (nous), and the online courses offer tools and practices that facilitate the activation of Nous.

11. The Role of Spiritual Guides

Hermeticism emphasizes that spiritual guidance is key but doesn’t require priesthood. With a lack of real-life teachers, the online course can function as a guide through both its clear structure and practical spiritual exercises.

12. Reverence and Amazement

The chief virtue of reverence (eusebeia) is central in Hermeticism. The course encourages childlike amazement at the beauty of the world, God, and other human beings.

13. Rebirth into Divine Consciousness

The possibility of rebirth into a higher, divine consciousness in this lifetime is explored in the online course.

14. Reincarnation and Cleansing

Hermeticism includes the idea of heavenly cleansing and reincarnation. The online course delves into these concepts, their implications, and what the student can do to avoid the need for painful cleansing after death.

15. Transition to Higher Realms

The online course assists in understanding how the dissolution of the mortal body can lead to entry into higher spheres of reality, such as the Eighth and Ninth celestial spheres.

16. Ultimate Deification

Hermeticism’s ultimate goal is deification, becoming a “power” in the Ninth celestial sphere. The online course helps individuals to contemplate the All and understand the path to reach this transcendent state.


The online course “The Way of Hermes” provides a comprehensive exploration of Dr. David Litwa´s 16 principles, guiding individuals on a transformative journey to discover their true selves and their connection to the divine. By understanding Hermetic spirituality, participants can embrace a profound and harmonious way of living in this complex world.

Hermetic Spirituality by Dr. M. David Litwa

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