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The Family of Hermes

Hermeticism, a mystical tradition rooted in ancient teachings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, delves into the profound mysteries of the divine and the cosmos.

An interesting concept is introduced in Book 1 of the Corpus Hermeticum, where Hermes declares in the Holy Trisagion that God desires to be known and is known by His own (people). This line describes a familial connection among seekers on the mystical path of Hermes.

Before delving into the Family of Hermes, it is good to clarify that this article does not explore the family of the Egyptian god Thoth, despite the historical connection between Thoth and Hermes Trismegistus. Instead, our focus lies on the spiritual kinship and shared journey of those who traverse the mystical path of Hermes.

The Holy Trisagion

Holy is God the Father of all.
Holy is God whose will is accomplished by his own powers.
Holy is God who wills to be known and is known by those that are his own.

Book I Corpus Hermeticum (translation Salaman)

Holy is god, the father of all;
Holy is god, whose counsel is done by his own powers;
Holy is god, who wishes to be known and is known by his own people;

Book I Corpus Hermeticum (translation Copenhaver)

In the Holy Trisagion, Hermes asserts that God yearns to be known and is indeed known by His own (people). This line suggests a personal intimate relationship between the seeker and the divine. It emphasizes the importance of learning (spiritual) knowledge as understanding is a sacred endeavor, creating not only a bond between an individual person with God but also a bond among those who embark on this mystical journey.

Indeed, those who are able to drink in more of this vision often lose awareness of the body in this most beautiful sight as happened to our ancestors Ouranos and Cronos.

Book X Corpus Hermeticum (translation Copenhaver)

Throughout Hermetic literature, the familial metaphor is prevalent. Seekers are described as brothers, indicating a bond that transcends earthly relationships and signifies a shared spiritual heritage. The notion of ancestors emphasizes a lineage of wisdom passed down through the ages, connecting contemporary practitioners with those who have walked the path before them.

This familial imagery signifies a shared spiritual lineage reinforcing the idea that seekers are not solitary wanderers but integral members of a cosmic family united in their pursuit of divine wisdom. It unites individuals on the Hermetic journey, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

A shared spiritual kinship

Being a part of the Family of Hermes goes beyond the mystical and spiritual aspects. As individuals embark on the mystical journey of Hermes, the concept of the “Family of Hermes” not only implies a shared spiritual kinship but also brings forth a set of tasks and responsibilities akin to those within bloodline families that strengthen the communal fabric and contribute to the collective growth of its members.

Within the Family of Hermes, practitioners are entrusted with the task of preserving and passing on the sacred wisdom acquired on their spiritual journey. This responsibility mirrors the familial duty of passing down traditions and values to future generations. Initiates are akin to stewards of a cosmic legacy, ensuring the continuity of Hermetic knowledge for the benefit of those who follow in their footsteps.

Another important responsibility within the Hermetic family is the guidance and support offered to fellow seekers. In the same way one might turn to a sibling for advice or assistance, members of the Hermetic family are expected to extend a helping hand to their spiritual brethren. This interconnectedness fosters a sense of unity and mutual aid, creating a supportive environment for everyone on the mystical path.

The Family of Hermes also emphasizes the importance of cultivating personal virtues and qualities that contribute to the collective well-being. Practitioners are encouraged to embody virtues such as wisdom, thankfulness, piety, humbleness, compassion, and integrity, not only for their individual growth but also for the positive influence they bring to the Hermetic community. In this sense, the responsibilities extend beyond personal development to actively contribute to the shared spiritual evolution of the family.

Pursuing Hermetic knowledge requires a commitment to introspection and self-discovery. As individuals uncover the mysteries of the divine and the cosmos, they are challenged to confront and transcend personal limitations, contributing to the overall elevation of the collective consciousness within the Family of Hermes.

As individuals progress on the Hermetic path, they become part of a spiritual lineage that stretches beyond the boundaries of time and space. The family of Hermes, bound by a shared quest for divine knowledge, embraces seekers of all backgrounds and experiences. This inclusive nature reflects the universal appeal of Hermeticism, inviting individuals to join a collective pursuit of enlightenment.

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