Videos about Ibn Sab’in


In this video, Let’s Talk Religion talks about the controversial Andalusian Philosopher/Sufi Ibn Sab’in (d. 1270) and his teachings.

Talk given at the MIAS Latina symposium held in Murcia, Spain titled ‘Ibn ‘Arabi & the Secrets of Journeying’ organised by MIAS Latina and Anqa Books.

This talk will focus on possibly the last work he wrote, when he had long been a respected figure in Mecca: ‘The Cycle of Virtues and the Scale of Mediations’ (Darj al-Faḍāʾil wa-Daraj al-Wasāʾil).

A talk by Stephen Hirtenstein about the remarkable chapter 167 from Ibn ‘Arabi’s “Futuhat al-Makkiya”, which Stephen has recently translated under the title. “The Alchemy of True Happiness.”

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