The Kybalion and Hermeticism

Despite the Kybalion frequently claiming to be a Hermetic text, it is important to note that it does not belong to the Hermetic tradition. Instead, the Kybalion represents the ideas and teachings of the New Thought movement. For a comprehensive exploration of the history, development, and its connection (or lack thereof) to Hermeticism, we recommend reading the article available at:


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The Kybalion introduces concepts of different polarities that are absent in classical Hermetic texts. Instead, these ideas align more closely with the New Age movement called New Thought, which also shares connections with Theosophy and other contemporary Western esoteric traditions and philosophies. Furthermore, these concepts not only differ from Hermetic teachings but also contradict them in certain cases.

However, it is worth acknowledging that the Kybalion has gained popularity due to its effective marketing and self-perpetuating writing styles. As a result, many individuals are introduced to the terms “Hermetic” or “Hermeticism” through this text, even though it lacks meaningful or substantial connections to Hermeticism.