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The Definitions of Hermes Trismegistus to Asclepius (DH)

This website contains the DH in full with all of the quoted footnotes included. This even has the pseudo-Hermetic DH XI, translated into English. Link:

Index of Hermetic texts and references

Here’s a spreadsheet of classical Hermetic texts, references, and fragments, along with how to reference them, created by Polyphanes for the Hermetic House of Life Discord server:

Recommended translations

Here’s a spreadsheet of recommended translations, academic/scholarly books or articles, and other literature for studying classical Hermeticism and its related influences, created by Polyphanes for the Hermetic House of Life Discord server:

Hermeticism FAQ

Here’s the “Hermeticism FAQ” by Polyphanes, a four-part post series detailing some of the most commonly-asked questions regarding classical Hermeticism:


There are lots of translations of the Corpus Hermeticum out there, but these ones by Martiana of SARTRIX (who’s also a member of the HHOL Discord-server) are free:

Gnosticism and Hermeticism

For scholars who use the term in the broadest sense, Hermetic works are sometimes included in the larger category of Gnosticism, and classical Hermeticism does indeed display a good deal in common with its contemporary ancient Gnostic traditions. Both movements flourished in the same geographic regions over roughly the same time period, likely drawing members from the same social classes, and in turn being influenced by many of the same older sources. Read more about their relation at:

Source: Hermetic House of Life Discord server created by Polyphanes and with permission used.