The Book of Thoth: The Ritual of Entering into the Sea of Unity

These are the words that instruct a pupil to take counsel with a son of Thoth.

We begin by asking for the protection of the pure and great goddess of Creation, Nebet-hetepet, in every form. May this room be sanctified by her, where we offer to the goddess of Fate, Shai, in all her names, before the goddess of Wisdom, Seshat, the protector and mother of the Sea of Non-duality.

“I have come to the end of my offering by pronouncing my name in the darkness, while I wrestle with the divine inspirations.
May one open for me the path of going to the Sea of Unity. 
I will bow down before Seshat.
May she show me the way to travel.
Let me walk the path with my own feet.
Let me be guided by the love of the great god, Thoth.
Let me receive the praises and the protection of Thoth.
Let me be guided by Thoth, the great scribe, who has ordered the earth with his measuring scales.
Let me join with Thoth, he who has judged the earth with his scale.
May I travel out of the darkness as a servant of Thoth. Illuminated by the secrets of Thoth.
May I travel, by the light of all the wise one, that I arrive at the place of the servants of Thoth.
May I see Aaru
May Sothis reveal to me the four corners of the whole earth.
May I be immersed in the sacred heavenly waters and be led to the secret source.
My heart said to me: ‘Find the Sea of Nonduality. Learn how to explore it!’
And when I do I will praise Thoth, and kiss the earth for Seshat.
And I shall raise my hand to the thrice-greatest, and celebrate that he has defeated evil.
And I shall worship him as the Greatest Seer, adore him, and announce him as the greatest of Heseret.
And I shall bow before the knowledge of the great god, and be enriched by his divine treasures.
Let me find it by hearing what the divine inspirations tell me, and you Thoth by making me recognize who is already there.
Let me see the great ones and the small ones, and the disciples who serve these masters.
May I see the Sea of Nonduality, having met Seshat.
My heart said to me: ‘Associate with her, the great guardian.”
Let me pray to her, with a loud voice.
Let me open my hand to receive her light.
May I give praise to her sacred image as an apprentice of the darkness of nonduality. 
May I recite before her from the Book of the Star.
May I arm myself with knowledge, to help me in my struggles in the Sea of Nonduality.
May I take hold of the secret key of Seshat,  which opens up what is hidden,  the knowledge she holds.
May my soul be filled with this knowledge.
May I carry it within me. 
And be protected from forgetting them.”

“Be strong in your pursuit of hidden knowledge, O you who loves knowledge. 
Thoth is the messenger of prophecy.
He appointed ten masters to rule Upper Egypt and blessed their teachings.
He appointed nine female masters to rule Lower Egypt, together with their nine deputies who are devoted to divine wisdom.
He focused his heart on them.
He helped them. 
He listened to them.
His oudjat-eye showed them the way. 
He led them upon the road to divine wisdom.
He directed their divine writings
He revealed his signs to them. 
He called to them.
They answered him.
He shaped the speech of the priests and the wise ones.
He led the followers to the truth.
He did not restrain their prayers.
He heard the praises and cries for help directed to Thoth.
He recorded the untrained ones one by one.
He understood them. 
He brought them to me.
O, you the-one-who-loves-knowledge, stand up!
Learn the secrets of Nebet-hetepet, the pure and great goddess of Creation. 
Don’t belong to the fools.
He-who-directs-the-thoughts-of-men leads every traveler to his destination.
He opened the path of wisdom to the one who praised him.
This is the most difficult of the difficult ways.
Tell him about the path before him! 
Go upon the way of wisdom!
Unite with the darkness of nonduality!
Open your heart.
You will go to the Sea of Unity. 
You will learn the way of the magicians.
The way of the follower shows the road to the Sea of Unity.
The followers, the protectors, the priests, and the healers all call you to it.
The lock of faience guards it. 
The priests protect and glorify it.
The immortal divine light guides you to it.
The holy curtain which is life veils the divine inspirations coming from the Sea of Unity.
If it happens that you find one who has received and shared them, that is your goal.   
But their wisdom is guarded by the gates of their lips.
A test is that which waits for those who find them.
Asking questions is the key that opens them to share the light that they protect.
The one who serves the protectors is one who is on the way to open the gate. May you be led to Seshat by them.
O Thoth, enchant for me the way.
May you protect me with the Oudjat-eye.
I come in your divine form
You are the one who stands at the gates.
O Guardian of your children.
O Overseer of the Treasury of divine wisdom
O Guardian of the guides of mankind who have been given divine taste. 
Be praised as the walls and doors that protect the gods.”

“Who may gain entry as a servant.”

“I am the one who opens the sacred door by way of the knowledge of the sacred signs of the path before him.”

“What is this journey which you made to the Sea of Unity in the unified darkness beyond the horizon, before the creation and outside of the created world?”

“The elders of the sacred guardians are the ones who opened the ways for me.
The excellent masters are the ones who sent me.”

“What is the gift which you have given to them? Was it the thing which they wanted?”

“A heart which is open, hands which are pleasing, a sweet tongue who is continuously silent.”

“What doorkeeper is the one who has announced you?
What servant is the one who has received your gift?”

“Different sacred priests, hermetic masters, and priests who listen.”

“It is the sacred place of divine outpourings.”

“How can the doorkeepers protect me? I need to entrust myself to them.”

“You have praised!
You have recited!
What is your true form?
Is it only leather and skin?”

“It is the bone of a spirit, the heart of a donkey, the noble image of the heart and tongue.”

“You have brought your life into balance. You have risen to your proper place. Let me instruct you in any form of you!”

“I contemplate the protection!
I contemplate death!
I take counsel with regard to drawing near it!”

“Come, let me instruct you before you are overburdened before you have entered into the divine shrine!
Do not neglect your affairs! You should finish them! 
Approach the master! Desire to listen to him! 
Do not proceed to his place, while your heart is empty! 
Do not go among prophets, while you are a fool. 
Do not enter the place where the divine outpourings are served until the great goddess Seshat chooses where and when.
Will you be able to receive them?”

“The prophets have brought me to my knees. They have consumed my heart and my flesh. 
Let me start my teaching. I will show the excellence of my strength.
My greatness lies not in the nature of my flesh.
Behold, that which facilitates my growth, a closed mouth.
Behold, I stand up, I am like a mummy, I am like a living snake. I am like a corpse in the hands of the priests.”

“Is it through the teaching of the father, the master, or Thoth?”

Seshat-Isis has caught my mind.
I am protected by Mehen.”

“What is the healing taste of wisdom?
How do you ingest it?”

“I have learned every medicine which preserves the body. I know every implement which stops the process of decay.
Behold, salt does protect the body like the divine wisdom of Thoth.
Like the prophets of Thoth, the Reckoner-of-Hearts, I will not let my emotions control me.
Like the prophets of Seshat, She-who-loves-enchantments, I will not let the lust of sensual sensations ensnare me.”

“You need to cross three rivers that flow through this land. Have you crossed them safely aboard the ferries? Have you crossed the canals? Have you given the right fare to the guide? Have you stepped into his boat?”

“I have entered into his assembly. I have studied his teachings. I have learned the most advanced subjects.”

“It will be necessary to perform the sacred ceremony and to recite the ritual to enter the Sea of Nonduality. As for that which you have done: Have you sat at their assemblies? What did you learn?”

“I have sat in their assemblies, I have worshipped with their servants.
I sat at the feet of the masters, the containers of divine wisdom! I let myself be guided by them!
I spent three years being guided, while I gained wisdom from their teachings.
I entered into the assembly learning the advanced teachings. I took up the struggle to learn their wisdom.
I learned the lesser mysteries and the greater mysteries.
My heart has been united with both of them.
A baboon gave to me a long spear. He said to me: ‘Use it as an anchoring pole’
A jackal gave to me a block of limestone. He said to me: ‘Use it as a net to trap them’
An ibis gave to me a trap of leather, its mast-post being of the leather of a lion.
A dog gave to me a band of hieroglyphic writing. He said to me: ‘Use it to hunt.’
I used the tools of the sacred animals to hunt for wisdom. It was captured in my heart. My tongue showed what I found.
I continued searching day and night.
I searched for 20 years because of the greatness of the pools of divine wisdom.
But no matter how long I sat at an assembly I was not able to reach the end of the sea of divine teachings.
I was not able to reach the shores, and the master gave me the advice to question the other disciples who were in the assembly.
They said I should call out to Thoth. I submitted myself to him and he brought me to a secret shore.
I almost drowned before I was able to reach this shore.
As soon as I moored on the shore, a beautiful green field, I discovered its inhabitants, the sacred animals, the birds, the reptiles, while the vegetation lushly grew, and a spring of life bubbled up around it, giving birth to every type of young bird therein.
I stayed there for 20 years.
A donkey said to me in the Court of the Dancer:
“This is the path of wisdom!’
Behold, I am struggling where I am. I am knocking on your door. Will you not show me how to overcome them?”

“The long spear is very difficult to carry. Are you strong enough to fight?” 

“A sympathetic confidant taught me the way of carrying it so that it is light.”

“Have you reached the gate of green stone which creates every stone from it?”

“I entered into the Turquoise Quarry of Divine Joy, which is the storehouse of divine wisdom, and it revealed the Sea of Nonduality. Myriads of multitudes of wisdom can be found there”

“What is around it? What is within it? What or who is in its center?”

“There are 42 sacred springs of divine wisdom in it, which pour out myriads of divine knowledge. Here are the greatest of the sacred masters, who are at the place of the Hall of the Two Truths.”

“What is their form? Reveal their shapes! About what do they speak? Listen to them!”

“I will reveal the names and their natures. They are more mysterious than the night.
There are seven of them, they announce the Lord of Protection, they guard the one Brilliant of Appearances.
Another two of them are guides on the path of death, while they prepare the ones upon earth.
Another is the foremost of them, he being as a lamp that shines, while he interprets their divine sayings.
The last nine are like pillars, carrying the Oudjat-eye, and ordering the outpourings of divine wisdom, while a great noble master embraces them and the disciples under their wings
I saw their forms, their changeable nature. They are not similar in manner.
They enrich some disciples with turquoise, gold, and divine joy, and others with lapis lazuli.
In the hall I found the great master and her disciples between the columns, giving them strength in the Darkness to progress.
I went to it. I looked into the Darkness. I interpreted the divine outpourings which came into me earlier.
I found Seshat, She-who-is-wise.
She is the one who first founded the Sea of Nonduality, she acts as a Lamp of Prophecy, she makes the forms therein, she gives orders to them, and she gives orders to the one who is self-created.
I saw a sea, which was embracing the world, it was filled with divine joy, and nine assemblies sailed north and south on it, while their divine outpourings are the cause of creations, their intellects give birth to new words while being divinely nourished and protected.
I took a lamp in my hand in order to learn the deepest secrets of the sea.
I journeyed within its interior. I reached the Storeroom of Life.
In a subtle manner I was urged to swim further.
I found six ascended masters sitting, worshipping in a secret language while being joined with a loving heart to the ones in the physical world.
See, they have no enemies.
They do not hide themselves, while they save the souls who have drowned in the Sea, they bless the ones who have died a spiritual death, eradicating evils by means of their recitations, rescuing them from their fate, making them divine.
Great is the praise of the one who has caused that they take these souls.
They are the ones who have come, sweet of love.
Painful to hear are their utterances. Difficult to comprehend are their words, their explanations being too varied to write down.
Only they themselves can understand the utterances. I have learned them. I have said them. I have understood them.
As soon as I said the utterances, and I knew how to praise the masters, my heart spoke to me its desire to be with them, until I found she-who-is-in-the-heaven, who is worshipped through special rituals. 
Completing, one by one, all the good things which compromise the Cosmos.
She waited, while I was in the Storeroom with them, while their magic enchanted my heart.
I found her at the Foundation of Life which Thoth established, who gave it to the care of the ones in the Sea of Unity.
The visible affirmation of the powerful magic which comes from Thoth, its sole guardian.
The divine expressions of Hu, Divine Utterance, and Sia, Divine Insight.
Sacred acts nourish it.
Khentikhtai knows the ones who are there and their excellence.
I drew near to the place of the ones who have reached the end.
I entered it guided by its glow.
Their scent brought me to them.
I draw near so as to be consumed by it.
I hurried to the masters so as to give praise, divine love flowing from each of their mouths.
They have different forms.
They are numerous.
They are exalted.
I joined them.
I became one of them.
I was deified so as to be with them.
Their divine outpourings were my guide and divine joy, and they numbered in the hundreds and came in many different forms.
Some servants were among them and some masters sat at their feet
See, the great master who bears authority.
He waits among them, O one who has caused divine joy.
Myriads of myriads are his followers.
They bow before him.
For them therein, he establishes the wisdom and the teachings which nourish.
I let myself be submerged in the divine waters, which fill my thirst. Its flood brought me here.
Millions of divine outpourings, hundreds of thousands of forms, great was his nourishment.
They healed me, again and again.
My heart was eager to know their secrets and to taste their nature.
I wished to kiss the earth for the gods in the Sea of Unity and place myself upon their path.
May the teachings of Thoth grant me my wish of becoming a guide, and my heart be filled with them.
May one place me among the guides, the followers of Thoth which tend to their fertile gardens, excellent of love.
It is worthwhile to place me among them, their teachings are excellent for health.
I have tasted them, so as to lose no time to benefit from them.
Bring me to jubilating priests of Thoth. so I can join them in their glorifications.

“Have you journeyed to the end, and overcome everything that opposed you?
Have you gained divine protection?
Can you guide the people, the guardians, the servants, the male and female physicians, the farmers, the generals and the soldiers, the lost people who need our blessings?
Have you honored the source of the teachings, which sustains through the sending forth of divine fire?”

“I have crossed the battlefields.
I have confronted their creations.
I have fought them.
I have seen the smallest details, while the great masters looked on from above.
I have seen how the great master concealed himself, while he confronted danger. 
I have seen the loyal scribe as he defeats evil.
I have seen the face of the guardian of the oasis, while he brings wine as a gift.
I have seen chaos being defeated, while he wards off evil. 
I have greeted the many forms of Horus while he slew evil.
I have worshipped Horus while he defeated evil.
I saw the sovereignty of the King of Upper and Lower Egypt as he protects religion.
The great master protected his wisdom, so as to cause the earth to overflow with his work.
I have seen the strength necessary to defeat evil.
I have seen the 14 writings of She-who-is-wise about rebirth.
I greeted her at the Storeroom, where she demanded divine wisdom to pass, by the divine authority given to her.
She made me consume the young female servant of the White Crown and the young female servant of the Red Crown to proceed to the front of the palace.
I have seen She-of-the-Chapel-of-Wisdom as she closes the Sea of Unity with a key.
I have worshipped the female divine guide while she shares divine outpourings, writing them down.
See how elevated a master and a guide are assigned to guide the divine outpourings to earth, one by one.
Some guards protect them, some holy guardians are with them as gatekeepers.
I asked the gatekeepers about the form of the divine outpourings and the guardians about their nature.
They say to me:
“There are 42 sacred places in the Sea of Unity, they provide safety.
There are 42 great masters who share the wisdom, while their disciples record them.
I queried about the great masters and their names. The disciples said to me to listen to their songs.
A great master embraces his disciples, to give them protection and a safe place.
He is protected by powerful divine forces and on his command defeats all who oppose him.
Each day he shares the divine knowledge he receives.  

“Inasmuch as you have an abundance of desire to share. Would you tell us about them so that we might know them, and that we might praise our mistress Seshat, who is their source.”

“A great master and his group are located in Elephantine.
A great master and his golden group are located in Edfu. 
A great master and his group are located in Hierakonpolis.
A great master and his group are located in Thebes.
A great master and his group are located in Coptos.
A great master and his group are located in Dendera. 
A great master and his group are located in Hu.
A great master and his group are located in Abydos.
A great master and his group are located in Akhmim.
A great master and his group are located in Kom Ishqaw. 
A great master and his group are located in Hypselis.
A great master and his group are located in el-Atawla. 
A great master and his group are located in Assiut. 
A great master and his group are located in Cusae.
A great master and his group are located in Hermopolis. 
A great master and his group are located in Hebenu.
A great master and his group are located in Sako. 
A great master and his group are located in Hardai. 
A great master and his group are located in Wabab.
A great master and his group are located in Herakleopolis. 
A great master and his group are located in Se-men-Hor.
A great master and his group are located in  Atfih. 
A great master and his group are located in Memphis.
A great master and his group are located in Letopolis.
A great master and his group are located in Kom el-Hisn. 
A great master and his group are located in L. E. Nome 4
A great master and his group are located in Sais.
A great master and his group are located in Xois.
A great master and his group are located in L. E. Nome 7
A great master and his group are located in Pithom.
A great master and his group are located in Busiris.
A great master and his group are located in Athribis. 
A great master and his group are located in Horbeit
A great master and his group are located in Sebennytos.
A great master and his group are located in Heliopolis.
A great master and his group are located in Herakleopolis Parva.
A great master and his group are located in Hermopolis Parva.
A great master and his group are located in Mendes
A great master and his group are located in Tell el-Balamun.
A great master and his group are located in Bubastis.
A great master and his group are located in Buto.
A great master and his group are located in Persopdu.

These are all the great masters, their groups, and their locations. The king of them is the most senior Son of Shentait-Shai, and he is the master of all groups. The wise ones receive knowledge directly from Seshat, the Breast of Knowledge, as a nurse gives nourishment. Thoth, who first gave knowledge to men, is the one who leads them all. 

The divine Thoth, who dispenses the most ancient wisdom, is the greatest among the great ones. He is indeed the one who received the first knowledge before all others. Thoth’s utterings are his children. He is the thrice-greatest.”

— End of the Book of Thoth —

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