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The Secret Wisdom of Thoth: Index

Nine articles have appeared about the Secret Wisdom of Thoth containing the complete translation of the Ancient Book of Thoth. Here is the index.


Mystic language

Why a semiotic approach is necessary

Unlocking its secrets

The Key to the Secrets

The Book of Thoth: The Ritual of Entering into the Sea of Non-duality

The Book of Thoth: The Chapter on how to receive and pass on wisdom

The Book of Thoth: The Ritual of Entering into the Sea of Unity

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The Secret Wisdom of Thoth offers a unique semiotic approach to The Ancient Egyptian Book of Thoth. This ancient book of sacred wisdom is a dialogue between a spiritual master, perhaps the god Thoth himself, and a student.

The contents of this book are freely available online on this website, and while it may be tempting to just access the contents online, there are many benefits to owning a physical copy.

Firstly, reading a physical book allows you to have a tangible experience. You can highlight your favorite passages, make notes in the margins, and even pass the book down to future generations. Secondly, the physical book supports the author and this website. By purchasing a physical copy, you are ensuring that this website can keep delivering quality hermetic content.

Digital format (epub, mobi) – US $ 12.99 :
Print format – Hardcover – US $ 29.95 :
Print format – Paperback – US $ 14.95 :

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