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The Secret Wisdom of Thoth is now available

The Secret Wisdom of Thoth explores the mysteries that were hidden within the House of Life, the most exclusive area within the Egyptian temples, and were only taught to select students.

This book offers a unique semiotic approach to The Ancient Egyptian Book of Thoth. The revised edition of the book is now available as an ebook or in a hardcover or paperback edition.

The text was originally written in Demotic and dates to the Graeco-Roman Period. In the dialogue, the master teaches the student secret sacred knowledge using the metaphors and symbols associated with writing.

These are the words which instruct a pupil to take counsel with a son of Thoth. We begin by asking for the protection of the pure and great goddess of Creation, Nebet-hetepet, in every form. May this room be sanctified by her, where we offer to the goddess of Fate, Shai, in all her names, before the goddess of Wisdom, Seshat, the protector and mother of the Sea of Non-duality.

The intro of the Book of Thoth

In Ancient Egypt, the sacred art of writing was kept hidden in the House of Life, a sanctum sanctorum within the temple scriptorium where the priests wrote their books.

The Book of Thoth is maybe the most mystical text of Late Period Egyptian thought. It is therefore of importance to all those interested in Graeco-Roman Period intellectual history and the history of Western esotericism.

This semiotic approach to the Book of Thoth is especially interesting for students of the Hermetica, the texts written by the Egyptian sage Hermes Trismegistus. The goal of this book is to unlock the wisdom encrypted with metaphors and allegories that are hidden within this Ancient Egyptian composition.

The revised edition has been updated with more research and insights, making it a must-read for anyone interested in ancient Egyptian wisdom and spirituality.

Recognize the powerful door which protects wisdom. Praise Seshat. Let her answer you. Let your voice be loud, so that she wishes to hear you and come quickly to you. If you should praise her at the occasion of the New Year, the powerful one will return so as to answer to you. If you understand her and if you praise her, she will let you drink of her wisdom. Open your heart for her.

He-possesses-divine-wisdom to The-one-who-loves-knowledge

Available online

The contents of this book are freely available online on this website, and while it may be tempting to just access the contents online, there are many benefits to owning a physical copy.

Firstly, reading a physical book allows you to have a tangible experience. You can highlight your favorite passages, make notes in the margins, and even pass the book down to future generations.

Secondly, the physical book supports the author and this website. By purchasing a physical copy, you are ensuring that this website can keep delivering quality hermetic content.


“The Book of Thoth is a visionary text which puts us in touch with the tradition of Thoth, Sheshat and Imhotep. It is an initiatory dialogue which leads the reader into speculation on the mysteries of the art of writing. Presented here as complete for the first time, the gaps have been filled by insights from a practitioner in the Sufi tradition. This is a fulfilling synthesis which creates a spiritually provocative work. The combination of these streams is as if the god Hermes were speaking to us directly. I have found this work far easier to read than other translations published, and would encourage seekers to read it as a devotional text for contemplation. It is a truly Hermetic text, which takes something ancient, and reimagines it for our times.”

Jack Kausch, author of Aretalogy: Lineage of a God

After reading the introduction, I have to say I’m impressed with how the author takes the time to explain to me, the reader, the importance of literal vs semiotic interpretations and translations. The significance of understanding esoteric text is to understand them semiotically and of course, never literally. Having read Richard Jasnow’s “Conversations in the House of Life” and the few examples from the author on how he rewords the fragmented translations, I’m excited to see this rewording of a very cryptic, and esoteric piece of ancient Egyptian literature more suitable to the modern reader. All the while keeping it metaphorical and allegorical. Would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in ancient Egyptian/Hermetic paths.

By  Poimandres_Nous on Reddit
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Order the book

The Secret Wisdom of Thoth can be ordered in different formats:

Digital format (epub, mobi) – US $ 12.99: https://books2read.com/b/4Nod5J
Print format – Hardcover – US $ 29.95: https://www.blurb.com/b/11475881
Print format – Paperback – US $ 14.95: https://www.blurb.com/b/11476826

Print version
Size: 6×9 in, 15×23 cm
# of Pages: 96
Publish Date: Feb 10, 2023
Language: English

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